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# 6 - 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE Calgary, AB T2J 6T5
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Located in Deer Valley Station, a busy strip mall at the intersection of Bow Bottom Trail SE & Canyon Meadows Dr  SE, NEM DELIGHT, is a Vietnamese food take - out, that can be considered a little corner of SAIGON where we can find all sorts of Vietnamese favourite dishes from subs,noodle soups, vermicelli and a variety of entrees, as well as real fruit bubble tea and French influenced desserts.
Bon appetit!

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Bubble Tea 1 (600 x 400)
Grill Satay Beef Vietnamese Sub ( SUB 1) (600 x 400)
R5. House Style Curry Chicken With Rice (600 x 400)
P3.Beef And Beef Balls Soup (600 x 400)
Grill Lomongrass Chiken, Beef and Shrimp ( V6) (600 x 400)
A1. Imperial Rolls (1296 x 864)
Real fruit Bubble Tea
Vietnamese Sub
Beef noodle Soup

       Mon-Sat :   11:00 am - 9:00 pm
       Sunday :   1:00 pm - 9 :00 pm
Business hour: